Ellie & Adam
  • We would like to first say congratulations on CrossFit Lena!! We are so excited for you! We also want to THANK YOU for all you have taught us! I can't get over how much strength we've gained in just 8 weeks of working with you. One of my main goals was to strengthen my left knee, and because of your awesome coaching and encouragement, I can now put weight on my knee, play on the floor with my pup and get up a flight of stairs much faster!!! All this without pain too!!! I was compensating, and I no longer have to!!! AMAZING! It wasn't easy, but you made it FUN and believe it or not, there were many nights I was ready to call it quits, but I craved more! We know that you will have much success! You are a magnet!!! Your drive and motivation will keep people coming back for more!!! We wish for you only the best!!! Ellie & Adam