Nick Arthur
  • The first time I met Josh was in October 2014. My training routine was the typical chest and triceps, back and biceps, etc. I was ready to try something different and decided to try Crossfit. Since most of the movements in Crossfit would be new to me I asked Josh if he would coach me through the training classes for Crossfit. Due to my work schedule the only time that I had available to go through my training classes was 5:30 am. What surprised me most about Josh was he not only offered to meet me every morning at 5:30 am but he always arrived to the gym before me and was ready for our training sessions. I had the opportunity to watch Josh who got me started in Crossfit grow as an athlete and qualify for the 2014 Crossit Southeast Regionals this summer. While watching Josh compete I was humbled to see how easy he made the workouts look. Josh is not only an amazing athlete and coach but he is an even better person. There is no doubt in my mind Josh and Crossfit Lena will be a huge success. Nick Arthur