Monday WOD December 4, 2016
Sunday December 4, 2016 'Monday WOD'

Hey guys hope everyone had a great weekend, we still have pre-orders on the shirt and sweatshirt till Thursday so put your name on the list if you’d want one. Congrats to “Wallballs Deep” and “Surf Ninjas” now known as the “#tresamigos” in the 2 person comp. at CrossFit Havoc. Also thank you for showing up to cheer on CrossFit Lena throughout the day, you guys are AWESOME. See you all at the BOX!



  1. 1 Clean+ 1 Front Squat+ 1 Thruster (Progress weights throughout if form is solid)
  2. DB Bench x 8-10 reps
  3. 10/8 calorie row/dyne/ erg

*** 1 the first min, 2 on the second min, so on…***


10 Bar Over Burpees

5 Power Clean (115lb./75lb.)

25 Double Unders