Monday WOD September 17, 2017
Sunday September 17, 2017 'Monday WOD'

Hey guys looking forward to another great week, i will pepper in a few of the “Wodapalooza Qualifiying workouts” in this week. Wodapalooza is a pretty big fitness festival that goes on for 3 days down in Miami, along with a 3 day CrossFit comp. Lets give it a go and see how fun these workouts are….See you all at the BOX!


SWOD: Back Squats 4×3

WOD: “WZA Qualifier 1”


“Squat Clean and Jerks” 165lb./115lb. ***pick a weight that works for you aiming for 25+***

Acc work: 1-2 Rounds

80 Plate Twist

60 Weighted V-ups

40 KB obl. each side

20 Back ext.