Monday WOD May 11, 2015
Monday May 11, 2015 'Monday WOD'





Hey guys hope you all had a great weekend! A few announcements, first we will be maxing out our Back Squats, Press, and Deadlifts this week so make sure to come on in and test those out. Make sure you are writing down your progression, because we’ll be using those percentages for strength in the future. Reminder May 25th is Memorial Day Murph. We will be only having a class at 9 am. This is going to be a big event, so don’t miss out. We will also be having a grill and chill after, so if you would like to bring a side and whatever you would like to drink that would be awesome. We will also be having members from Rackstar Crossfit over for this event, so it will be an awesome day of community.

Another announcement: We will not be having evening classes this Friday. The gym will be open until 3 pm. Even though we won’t have classes besides 6 am and 9 am that day, I will still have a workout programmed for anyone who can come in before 3 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the box!


SWOD: Back Squat MAX


5 Strict Pull Ups

10 Weighted Sit Ups

10 Ball Slams

5 Strict Toes To Bar