Monday WOD May 18, 2015
Monday May 18, 2015 'Monday WOD'




Hey guys hope everyone had a great weekend and ready for Murph which will be next monday 5-25-15. It’ll be a huge event so if you want to stick around bring a dish or some meat to grill and of course cold beverages. After all the PR’s from our last strength cycle we will deload for 2 weeks then hit another strength cycle to keep the gainz going. Also, we will be opening up a 12:15pm class Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday if more people show interest well open up all 5 days. See you all at the BOX.


SWOD: 1 Power Clean+3 Push Press

WOD: For Time


5 Power Cleans

10 Toes To bar

25 Double Unders

(RX+ 5RFT)