Thursday WOD September 7, 2017
Thursday September 7, 2017 'Thursday WOD'

Hey guys reminder we will not have classes Friday and Saturday. We will see where the storms at Sunday to determine the schedule for Monday. With a few days off from the gym we might as well get one last solid workout in, See you all at the BOX!

SWOD: Warming up cleans before the workout.

WOD: “Irma who”

2 Rounds

21 Toes To Bar

15 “Squat” Cleans RX 135lb./95lb. RX+( 165lb./115lb.)

9 Burpees

2min rest,

2 Rounds

21 Wallballs

15 Deadlifts RX 185lb./135lb.  RX+(275lb./195lb.)

9 Strict HSPU RX+(Deficit HSPU)