Thursday WOD May 20, 2015
Wednesday May 20, 2015 'Thursday WOD'


Hey guys so its Nicks Birthday (tomorrow) today so at the 6:15pm class well be doing a WOD he picked. It’ll be death by CrossFit Total, so if you can make it at that time come on in and wish him a Happy B-day. Also, Murph shirts will be in on Friday so if you would like to come collect the tee you can or on saturday $20 each i also ordered a few extra so if you want more let me know. Great job on the Team WOD today way to crush it. See you all tomorrow at the BOX!

SWOD: Barbell Single Leg RDL’s and MOBILITY

WOD: For Time

2000M row

100 Hollow rocks


6:15pm class you can choose either the class WOD or nicks death by CrossFit Total which consists of Deadlifts, Strict Press, and Back Squats…