Thursday WOD July 6, 2016
Wednesday July 6, 2016 'Thursday WOD'

Hey guys great work today, well have some acc. work for you as a strength then hit the workout. I know some of you have been wanting to run more so here you go, also if you hate running get your butts in here to burn off that 4th of july weekend fun and sun. See you all at the BOX!


SWOD: GDH Sit ups 3×10-20, Back ext. 3×12-15, Hollow Holds 3x:30sec.

WOD: For Time

30 Toes To Bar

400m Run  (200m run for scaled)

30 Wallballs

400m Run

30 Mountain Climbers (60 total)

400m Run

30 Ball Slams

400m Run

30 Weighted Lunges (60 total)