Wednesday WOD October 7, 2015
Wednesday October 7, 2015 'Wednesday WOD'

Great Job today guys, tons of fast times on Annie. The workout you have coming up you’ll have to strategize a rep scheme that works for you. Everyone will end up running, so don’t burn yourself out or feel intimidated come up with a solid plan. This will be a fun one, see you all at the BOX!


SWOD: Tempo Deadlift

WOD: For Time


***Every Time you break you must run 100m, so come up with a rep scheme or go for unbroken : )

30 Pull Ups/ Ring rows

40 WallBalls

30 Push Ups***resting on the ground will count as a break, must Hold in a plank.

20 Pull Ups

40 WallBalls

20 Push Ups

15 Pull Ups

40 Wallballs

15 Push Ups