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Thursday May 24, 2018 'Thursday WOD'

Hey guys today was pretty brutal so well just roll out and do some mobility to work that soreness out. Reminder we will have MURPH Friday night at Midnight and also Saturday at 7am and 9am NO CLASS on Memorial Day (Monday). See you all at the BOX!


Strength: Mobility and Rolling out



Calorie. Row/Dyne/Erg

Sit Ups

3 Minute rest,

6 Minute AMRAP


Calorie. Row/Dyne/Erg

DB Push Press (Lightish)

Tuesday May 22, 2018 'Wednesday WOD'

Workout: Regional Event 2



Deadlift *Regionals (295lb./220lb.)*  RX( 1 1/2 body weight) or 185lb./125lb.

Bench Press *Regionals (195lb./135lb.)* RX( body weight) or 135lb./85lb.

“Squat Clean” *Regionals (145lb./105lb.)* RX(3/4 body weight) or 135lb./95lb.


**Scaled as needed, just keep moving**






Tuesday May 22, 2018 'Tuesday WOD'

Rain rain go away!


Workout: For Time

Regional Event 1 (Well half of it…)

1500m Row

150 Double Unders

1.5 Mile run/ 1 mile run


Extra Credit:

100 Plate Twist

75 Sit Ups

50 Toe Touches

25 KB obl. (Each Side)


Sunday May 20, 2018 'Monday WOD'

Strength: Find heavy x3 Back Squat for the day.


Workout: 10 Min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

4 Power Cleans RX(115lb./73lb/)

8 Shoulder To Overhead

12 Toes To Bar


Extra Credit:

For Time

15 Rope Climbs

*** 8 Minute CAP***







Thursday May 17, 2018 'Friday WOD'

Strength: Pause Bench Press 2×5, 2×3

Workout: For Time

Teams of 2


Power Snatch RX(115lb./73lb.)

Bar Hop Burpees

100m Farmers Carry


DB Front Rack Lunges

Air Squats


Thursday May 17, 2018 'Thursday WOD'

Strength: Push Press 2×5, 2×3


Workout: 3 Rounds For Time

400m Run

21 KB Swings

12 Toes To Bar


**Optional 3 minute rest, then**

1-2 Rounds

50 Plate Twist

50 Weighted Flutter Kicks

50 Bike Crunches

50 feet over plate



Wednesday May 16, 2018 'Wednesday WOD'

Strength: Fat Bar Deadlift 2×5, 2×3 (no flip grip)

Workout: For Time

12-9-6 Power Cleans RX (155lb./105lb)

20 Wallballs

12-9-6 Ring Dips

20 Cal. Assault Bike/ Row/ Erg

Extra Credit:

3×10 Pistols or progressions

3×30 Toe Touches

3×30 Heel Taps

3×10 Back ext.

Tuesday May 15, 2018 'Tuesday WOD'

Rain Rain go away!!!

WOD 1: 9 Min Ladder


Strict Pull Up

Deficit Push Up

***1 strict pull up then 1 Deficit Push up then 2,2,3,3…so on till the 9 minutes is up***


Workout 2: For Time

600m Run

2 Rounds of

20 DB Step Ups (Moderate Weight)

50 Sit Ups

400m Run

2 Rounds of

10 DB Step Ups

25 Sit Ups

600m Run

Sunday May 13, 2018 'Monday WOD'

Strength: 1 Hang Clean+ 1 Split Jerk x4 working sets


Workout: Teams of 2

15 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

7 DB Thrusters (50lb./35lb)

14/12 Calories Row/Dyne/Erg ***Must Switch machines each time***

21 Double Unders

**first partner must complete 1 full round before the next partner starts**


Extra Credit:

3×12 Reverse Hypers

3×10 Seated DB Presses

3×40 Plate Twist

Friday May 11, 2018 'Friday WOD'

Strength: 1 Snatch+ 1 Overhead Squat x4 sets

Workout: For Time

400m Run

50m Farmers Carry

25 Thrusters RX (75lb./55lb) RX+(115lb./75lb.)

400m Run

50m Farmers Carry

15 Thrusters  RX( 95lb./65lb.) RX+ (135lb./95lb)

400m Run


Extra Credit:

Reverse Hypers 3×8

Crossover Symmetry I’s, Y’s, T’s 3×8 (Per movement)