Friday WOD April 3, 2015
Friday April 3, 2015 'Friday WOD'

Happy Friday everyone! Today we will be working on barbell technique, specifically the snatch. The snatch is an Olympic movement that takes so much work to perfect. Don’t get frustrated with this if you don’t get it in the first few months or even years. We encourage everyone to come to Friday classes where we cover these movements. Breaking them down in steps will help your overall understanding of the movement. Also, just a reminder that we will have class tomorrow at 9 am. Saturdays are always fun workouts usually done with a partner. It’s a great way to get a sweat and get to know your fellow members better. Looking forward to seeing you at the box.


SWOD: High hang power snatch+Hang Power Snatch


3 Power Snatches+20double unders