Tuesday WOD May 9, 2016
Monday May 9, 2016 'Tuesday WOD'

Hey guys way to crush Mondays workout, good way to get back in the swing of things. We have another great workout for you guys lets Murph prep, see you all at the BOX!

SWOD: Strict Press

WOD: 90 Second rounds, if you finish within the 90 seconds rest till the next round. If you just make the next round within 90 seconds you will not have rest and proceed to the next round.

Round 1.

5 Power Cleans (RX  115lb./75lb.) (RX+ 135lb./95lb.)

10 Push Ups

Round 2

6 Power Cleans

15 Push Ups

Round 3

7 Power Cleans

20 Push ups

Round 4

8 Power Cleans

25 Push ups….

****The Power Cleans go up 1 rep each round and the Push Ups will go up 5 reps each round.