Friday WOD May 27, 2016
Friday May 27, 2016 'Friday WOD'

Hey guys Memorial Day Murph is a few days away, well grill out and have a few drinks to celebrate. If you’d like to bring some meats for the grill or side dishes do so, well have a few things to eat so more the better same with drinks. Well be working on some technique in class, so come in and work on some fun lifting. See you all at the BOX!

SWOD: Split Jerk 4×2

WOD: 10MIN EMOM High Hang Cleans

1-2 mins 5 High Hang Cleans

3-4 mins 4 High Hang Cleans

5-6 mins 3 HHC

7-8 mins 2 HHC

9-10 Mins 1 HHC