Friday WOD February 6, 2015
Friday February 6, 2015 'Friday WOD'

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed this week. Today we will be working on Snatch technique. This is one of the hardest lifts to understand in CrossFit, so we encourage everyone to come in! Reminder: WE WILL NOT HAVE CLASS AT THE BOX SATURDAY! We will be learning how to row in the water at Ft. Hamer. This will be a great time to get out of the box, enjoy the weather and each others company, while learning something different. Hope to see you all at the box, and at Ft. Hamer Saturday!


SWOD: 2 Power Snatches +1 Overhead Squat with 2 Second pause at the bottom


Even Mins: 2 Snatches

Odd Mins: 7 Strict Pull ups/10 Kipping Pull Ups/10 Ring Rows