Thursday WOD March 5, 2015
Thursday March 5, 2015 'Thursday WOD'


Happy Thursday everyone! Just a reminder we will be staying and watching the announcement of the Open workout 15.2 tonight at 8 pm. Please feel free to stay after class, come back, bring friends and family, etc. It is always a fun time to watch these announcements together. Also, we will not be having class this Saturday. We will be going to CrossFit Rack Star, so please try and come join everyone there. This is a great opportunity to join the CrossFit communities. Been an awesome week this week, let’s keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you all at the box!


SWOD: Bench Press (not any Bro Sesh weight today)


8 ball slam

8 hollow rocks

8 M. Climbers

200m row