Thursday WOD April 8, 2015
Wednesday April 8, 2015 'Thursday WOD'

Happy Thursday! Great week this week. We did two tough Benchmarks, an you all crushed it. Make sure you keep these times and reps written down somewhere. I have already had numerous people tell me they have seen huge improvements since the last time they completed these Benchmarks. Seeing results in your time and reps will definitely get you fired up to compete with yourself next time we do these WODs. Today will be more of a deload day. Work on some core and get a good sweat. Looking forward to seeing you all at the box!

SWOD: RDL’s with mobility in between sets


10 Weighted Sit Ups

10 Medball Twists

10 Slamballs

10 Strict Toes To Bars

200m Run