Tuesday WOD February 24, 2015
Tuesday February 24, 2015 'Tuesday WOD'

Hey Guys, don’t forget to sign up for the CF OPEN! It starts this week, you must register by Thursday 5 pm. There will be an announcement at 8pm Thursday where Rich Froning and Matt Fraser will go head to head and complete the first workout. We’ll be watching it here after class, so everyone is welcome to stay and watch it. Also, we’ll be doing the OPEN WOD’s Friday and Saturday. After the Saturday class were going to grill out, so we’d love you to bring some meat, bring a dish or just bring yourself and cheer everyone on in the SUCK! Let us know if you have any questions about the Open or the next 5 weeks. See you all tomorrow!


SWOD: 8min EMOM of 4 Power Cleans (touch and go reps)

WOD: Double Tabata

double unders