Wednesday WOD February 25, 2015
Wednesday February 25, 2015 'Wednesday WOD'

Happy Wednesday guys! Just a reminder the deadline to sign up for the CrossFit Open is tomorrow! And we still could really use some judges. If you have signed up to be a judge already, thank you so much and please let us know! We will be completing the Open workouts on Friday and Saturdays. We would like to have more people attend the Saturday events, so if you plan on doing that you can still come in on Fridays and work on the movements for Saturday or just mobilize. Also, we just got in some wrist wraps. These are great for people who have wrist pain, or even for people who just want to rock on all that cool CrossFit swag. The wrist wraps are $30. We ordered 20 so it’s first come first serve. If these are in high demand we can always order more down the road. Looking forward to seeing you all at the box!



SWOD: RDL’s and Bent Rows

WOD: For Time


Power Snatches


Sit Ups