Wednesday WOD February 17, 2016
Wednesday February 17, 2016 'Wednesday WOD'

Great Job today guys, well be working on some barbell cycling as a strength. The OPEN is near and being more proficient with bar cycling will help a ton. Well add weight throughout the EMOM. The sign up sheet for the sweaters are by the white board, Deadlines will be this week. If you want one put your name down and sizes id like to get them ordered ASAP. See you all at the BOX!


SWOD: Power Clean EMOM

5 P. Cleans for 2mins.

4 P. Cleans for 2 mins

3 P. Cleans for 2 mins

2 P. Cleans for 2 mins

rest 1 min,

1 Power Clean for every 30 seconds for 2 mins.


10 Burpees

10 cal row/dyne/erg

10 Ball Slams

100m Sprint